Charming Bachelor Pad Ideas in Sophisticated Details and Interior Designs

Creating stylish bachelor pad is rather difficult as men do not really pay attention to design and theme. However, in these trendy concepts, men can get wonderful area but still in their preference of minimalist space. For example, using accent wall from exposed bricks is a brand new idea and adds appealing side. Build additional space for walk-in closet next to large black bedding area is also great, and choose star lamps for sparkling effect.

For modern concept in minimalism, just add shiny black background wall, along with white bed cushion with white headboard too. Curtains in two colors are hanging to large window make the room in theme of gray hues look cool and exciting. Bachelor pad design also includes colorful painting hung to wall, whereas headboard are of bed is actually created under wall. Classy drapes in gray silk and black rug make the most out of modern design.

Room with white wall and ceiling, also light wood flooring surface does not seem cool at all. Add another color burnt orange for blanket on top of white bedding area, and then install tufted headboard to be a spotlight feature. Another function of this space is to get work done, and thus place black desk along with black armchair. Near window area, put two armchairs in high backseat and tufted accent that are chosen in dark green tone.

Instead of using bed cushion, actually platform bed brings unique presence to room, as well stylish look. Surround the room with wooden panels and match drapes in same brown color tone. Retreat style should be designed in exotic theme. Hence, adding four-poster bed makes another unexpected statement. To save more space, men need to choose murphy beds kept inside dark blue wardrobe. Bachelor pad interior design then has mini library and desk to work on assignment or job.