Cool Tropical Modern Home in Singapore with Passive Cooling Technology

One of a most important aspect in a tropical modern home is its airiness, which is crucial in tropical country. The high temperature and humidity is always be a problem in tropical house, and thus having a good air circulation in the home will help a lot’”and also more eco-friendly than just using the AC. There are many sophisticated tropical home design that you can choose to add airiness to your home, but maybe the one in this Singaporean home is one of the best.

Designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design, this tropical modern home design clearly shows a unique combination of advanced architectural technology and artistic structure. Entitled Wind Vault House, this home is just like its name: full of wind. This becomes possible thanks to the air circulation technology made from series of timber screen with slits that catch and direct every small breeze to the home interior. The result is a very nice home full with fresh air all the time, making it comfortable even in the hottest day.

Other unique features of this home include the wide open-plan living room on the base floor. The living room, dining room and refreshing room are surrounded by concrete-less wall’”the outer border is completely made by glass wall and large floor-to-ceiling window, with beautiful backyard scenery with pool and green plantation outside. The neutral color scheme of white and gray on the living room suits perfectly with the home’™s modern design, while the brown sofas in the middle of the room is very inviting to sit.

The beautiful staircase and hidden lamp in layered ceiling decorate the upper part of the living room, adding more interest to it. This gives a perfect balance between interior and exterior design, seemingly blend the two with the open plan design and the fresh air from the wooden screen. At the end, this cool tropical modern home plans shows us a perfect place to live, with a cozy atmosphere and artistic decoration at the same time.