Eco-Friendly Sustainable Interior Applied In A Hair Beauty Salon

Decoration plants are perfect example of sustainable interior which are able to give refreshing vibe and delightful nuance. Nowadays, this kind of interior decoration is increasingly demanded as it is able to beautify your room or office with natural adornment. This is what happens to a Japanese salon in Sydney. The ideas to bring this green ornament have made the place widely be liked.

The brilliant interior concept with living plants decoration can make different sensation to this room. As shown in the picture, the pot holder which is made of welded iron is placed right in the middle of this hair beauty salon. The holder can contain many flower pots as the sustainable interior design so it could give outdoor sensation to the room. The holder can also function as shelves to keep other things such as books or other non-organic decorations.

The concept of greenery is not only applied in the women treatment area but also in waiting room. The circle table is utilized as a big plant pot. The design of the table is, actually, very minimalist without the plants but the green touch can give enlightenment for the people who wait in this room.

The idea to place the big pot holder to the room is actually genius. However, the supporting decoration and furniture have the central focus to this astonishing interior concept. The wooden floor with light walnut color has brought a perfect condition that make the interior design contributes to the completeness of harmony. The harmony of the room is also supported by the vanity table. The rounded tables are also other examples which create the integrity vibe since the design employs the natural yellowish color which strengthen the natural design. This environmentally sustainable interior design is also reinforced with large windows which allow the sunlight to brighten the room.