Monday, April 4, 2016

Exclusive Float House Design Decorating Building Naturally

Natural building theme that is made in float house design will look more exclusive. It is designed well by Pitsou Kedem Architect to be applied perfectly in float house project. Wooden material construction that is made in transparent model dominates exterior construction in this project. It will create natural building impression that looks so artistic and interesting. Transparent wooden fence is made along house building in a house exterior. It will give special appearance of house architecture style in this project.

Gray concrete construction is used to design exterior wall perfectly. Actually it will be able to create natural appearance of house exterior design. It will look more interesting to be combined with transparent wooden construction perfectly used to design concrete exterior wall. Exterior step in this project is also modified in a natural design by applying natural stone construction with gray motif design. It becomes float house design plans that is done simply in this project.

Natural garden design is also made in a fresh concept. Fresh garden concept is created by applying pool design that is combined with natural plant decoration. Garden that is modified freshly by using pool actually becomes the best choice to design house space in order to be more beautiful and fresher. Natural paving block is also applied well to design the garden artistically. Gray paving block color will help to create natural garden that looks so exotic.

On the other hand, bedroom space in this project is also designed freshly and elegantly. Long glass wall design placed to modify bedroom wall actually looks so elegant. This glass window design can also be used to enjoy outdoor space that has natural appearance. Automatically, comfortable interior impression can be created because of natural outdoor view background of bedroom. It is as a proper plan of house living design applying floating home design plans perfectly.

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