Monday, April 4, 2016

Quirky Hotel Interior Improving Your Comfort Feeling

Hotel Le Crayon is a stunning hotel with unconventional hotel interior style. The hotel is located in Paris, France and designed by Julie Gauthron. You can get a hotel room with private living room in fancy appearance. The living room feels so comfortable with upholstered sofa and curved yellow sofa. There are six black sconce lamps on the ceiling. Fresh interior appearance makes the guest feels comfort in this hotel.

Of course, you will find various room types in this hotel. Make sure you choose the right room that fits with your taste and needs. Before you pay attention to the room appearance, you should see the living room from the gallery. The living room feels so wonderful with cutting wall art in unique style. Now, after you finish with the living area, you can start to see the bedroom. The gallery shows you an amazing hotel interior design as you can see through the picture.

A serene bedroom atmosphere is the key to make the guest loyal. The main point of hotel business is making the guest feels comfortable and satisfies. The first room shows you blue room nuance with queen size bed. There is modern yellow cabinet at the corner of the room. The next room feels so cozy in futuristic bedroom style. Look at to the head background and you will see chrome headboard design. The next room part that you have to see is the bathroom. Everyone needs a comfortable bathroom in style.

Modern bathroom design becomes the main concept for the hotel. You will find standing bathtub in white color. There are two sinks with wooden cabinet below the sink. Another bathroom shows you vintage glamor bathroom in pink and blue nuances. Besides the bathroom, you also will love to see the wall cover appearance with unconventional wallpaper design. An amazing hotel interior design idea that can refresh your body and soul.

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