Stone Backsplash for Kitchen the Perfectionist One

My friend wanted to renovate the kitchen, and then she thought to have stone backsplash for kitchen. She wanted the different kitchen theme. Hence, she would get the fabulous kitchen appearance. She thought that kitchen is the important part for her house. She thought that she could cook and make delicious food for her family in the kitchen. Through kitchen, she could maintain the mood for the whole day. Therefore, designing the kitchen should be thought precisely regarding to her personality. Hence, she tried to design it by herself.
Drawing the Plan

My friend is a perfectionist. Thus, she would maintain all the things in detail. First, she would decide the theme for the kitchen since she wanted to apply the stone backsplash. Of course, she should adjust the overall design. She, then, listed the furniture and the decorations she needs to build her kitchen. She once told me that she wanted to have typical home kitchen. So, she wanted to feature the kitchen with kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen islands, kitchen chimney, and a big cupboard for the storage.
Setting the Furniture and Decorations

My friend placed the wooden glass door cabinets. Hence, she could find the kitchen appliances like white tea pot and the cutleries easy. Besides choosing the cabinets, she wanted to give natural stone backsplash as she planned before. Moreover, she put the grey marble counters to complete the backsplash. Actually, she adjusted the kitchen counters to the backsplash. Hence, she created the balance proportion around the kitchen. She also put the glass flower vase to create fresh atmosphere.

Furthermore, she needed to place the ingredients. Thus, she bought the cube glass jars. She filled the jars with various ingredients. She added the sugar, salt, pepper, and the other ingredients. Moreover, she also added the fruit plate as the decoration. The fruit plate could be useful for placing the fruit as dessert. She also maintained the lighting effect for the kitchen. Therefore, she installed the hidden lamps to the kitchen cabinets, so whenever she or someone wants to take something in the counter, they will enlighten by the lamps.