Stone Fireplaces to Outdoor Choice

My grandmother really likes fireplaces, so she always maintains the stone fireplaces very well. Yet, she could not maintain the stone by herself. Then, she always calls me to help her. This time, the fireplace has the problem in dislodged stone. Of course, there are only two options. I should change it or stick it again. Surprisingly, my grandmother wanted to replace it. So, I should find the similar stone. After finding the stone, she told me again that she wanted to build a fireplace.
Choose Indoor or Outdoor

When my grandmother asked me about building a new fireplace, she did not think whether it is outdoor or indoor. I recommended her to build the outdoor fireplace. It was because she had already the indoor fireplace. Moreover, the indoor fireplace has just finished renovating. It would waste the money and time. She thought about it. Several days later, she called me again. She has decided the fireplace. She chose to build outdoor fireplace. She told me that it would be much useful when the family gather together outside.
Maintain the Surroundings

My grandmother has decided to have outdoor fireplace. She suggested me to build the light brown stone fireplace. The stone was arranged in line. So, it was seen very neat. Since it was an outdoor fireplace, my grandmother built a green canopy to protect the people who enjoy the warm flame. Then, she planned to add the brown webbing rattan chair there. She also added the wooden table to complete the chairs. As the lighting, she added the hidden lamps to the canopy. It did really beautify the fireplace. Then, she added brown carpet near the chairs to make it more comfort.

Furthermore, my grandfather thought that there is something missing. She tried to find what it was. She, then, tried to remind herself. She remembered to change the floor. She wanted to create warmer atmosphere even though outside the room. Hence, she installed the wooden floor there. Surely, it would make the atmosphere warmer. Of course, it would be protected from rain because the canopy has been built wider than the standard size. My grandmother has estimated it before.