Stone for Fireplaces Changing the Old to New

When I visited my grandfather, he told me that he wanted to renovate the stone for fireplaces. This fireplace is the important part of the house if you live in a hill. My grandfather lives there. Of course, it becomes the crucial issue for our family. The old fireplace had the problems in dislodged stone. The stones became weaker by the age. Hence, it should be maintained periodically. I, then, told my parents first. They would tell the whole family about this matter.
After Discussion

Our family has discussed how to overcome the issue. They told me to help my grandfather. Of course, it would spend more money if my grandfather wanted the costly stone like marble and granite. The next day, I came to my grandfather’s house. There, I asked him again. He told me that he wanted to change the stone with the durable stone. It meant that he wanted the expensive one. He mentioned the specific stone for marble. Surely, I looked for the information about this. Yet, my grandfather told me again that he wanted to decorate the place near the fireplace.
Building the Fireplace

I suggested several fireplace stone designs. There were like arranged stone fireplace, large granite fireplace, light brown stone fireplace, and traditional grey stone fireplace. My grandfather personally chose the light brown stone fireplace. Then, I asked for the complement. My grandfather wanted the wooden floor around the fireplace. He wanted to add the wooden chair. Then, he wanted to place pattern sofa with wooden table there. After I saw the layout, I saw the stunning design there. Moreover, the house has large glass windows. So, I could enjoy the scenery outside while sitting in front of the fireplace.

On the other hands, my grandfather likes reading various theme books. Hence, he added the wooden book shelves aside the fireplace. He also added the accent like square wooden framed mirror above the fireplace. Then, he added the sailing ship miniature aside the mirror. It looked great to design. Surely, my grandfather satisfied with the result. I myself amazed to its design. My grandfather still has good taste of designing for sure.