Stylish Unique Hotel in Historical Building

Das Stue Hotel is a unique hotel in Berlin, Germany. This hotel has historical white building exterior with a typical of terraced old building with many windows. It also has rustic grey wall with an open balcony on the other side but it is not reducing its historical style. This hotel has the same rustic and historical lobby with lengthwise corridor and stairs on both left and right sides. Luxurious tasseled hanging lamps decorate that lobby glamorously with its granite walls.

This hotel has several types of rooms with typical double size bed. Each these unique hotel rooms have minimalist bed with double reading lighting on its headboard. Square side tables decorate each side of the bed with shady table lamps. Each room have different characteristic with wooden cladding floor or chevron wooden floor, with bathtub or white sink beside the bed or even a wall covers the bathroom, whether it as glass wall or glass windows, or even glass ceiling to give bright and marvelous lighting to the room.

This hotel also has unique restaurant with glossy tiles wall separate each two person round table with stand lamp beside the pantry, or a large table for ten people with artistic wooden chairs and unique chrome piles and pans above the table and give dramatic and artistic light effects. This restaurant applies Scandinavian style on the other side with Scandinavian grey cushioned chairs and cream sectional sofa with wooden beams background. Geometrical carpet and slight wall mounted lamps make this Scandinavian restaurant looks attractive.

Wall book shelves with tender sofas lay on a corner of this hotel in front of the white historical staircase. Glass wall behind the stairs make this reading corner bright and homey. This hotel also provides the pleasure spaces like indoor swimming pool with minimalist style below stairs with glass wall. Black cushion on a side of the pool give another pleasure facility that contrast with white nuance pool. This building that has unique themed hotel rooms also provides sauna with wooden beams decoration and yellow dim lighting that adding the warm feel inside.