Unique Bunk Beds Idea for Twin

If you have a twin, it is really cute to make your bedroom in unique bunk beds. The bunk beds that will make both of you can share you story in a bed time or just have a pillow talk. Then you can decorate your bunk beds together with your twin to make your room more comfortable to live and in a theme that both of you really like. You can decorate it fro the wall color, floor, bed sheet, quilt, bed cover, till the rug that you both really like. You can also try to obtain your favorite stuffs inside to make your room more comfortable.

The bunk beds are come in various types, colors, materials and price. In the very beginning, just choose the bed that really suitable for your taste. The wooden color bunk beds frames are usually more beautiful to lie in the small room that has a lower ceiling. Then the metal is really suitable if you try to obtain the modern look of bedroom. Then if you try to obtain the one that trim in a soft color, it will be really match with the minimalist mood in the room as well.
Bunk Beds for Small Room

If you try to obtain the bunk beds in the small room, then it is a good choice remembers the bunk bed will simplified the bed and will keep the space of your room to be occupied by the other furniture that might be needed. To make the room feel more spacious you can try to paint the wall in soft cheer colors like soft pink, soft blue, pale green, or the other soft colors that might really make the sense there more spacious. Then for the light, just set the white bright light for the night vision and you can set the dimmer for your bed time there.
Bunk Beds for Four

Not only two, like you and your twin, you might have other sisters or brothers that usually have to share the bedroom together with you. Then you have to obtain the bunk beds for four that will really need a space because it will be build not buy. You can try to obtain the one that has the stairs in the middle of the beds, I mean that the beds is splits into two parts and the stairs is located in the middle of it.