Vintage Apartment Interior for Your Comfort Zone

Andi Studio has designed a beautiful apartment interior in Saint Germain. If you want to see a fabulous interior that shows you modern meets vintage, then this apartment is perfect for you. You can follow the idea directly or you can do some modifications based on the picture. Classy appearance will always make you feel different, and this is the main idea for the apartment. Take a look to the picture and you will find out the best apartment nuance in Paris, France.

Monochromatic color shades around the room is awesome. White and black colors composition makes this apartment feels comfortable. The dining room and the family room becomes one with no room separator. White wall colors are the best wall paints that you can see in this apartment. There is classic fireplace at the living room with vintage wall mirror above the fireplace. It is such a stunning apartment interior design with serene atmosphere.

You will find two high backrest armchairs in brilliant white color. The living room looks comfortable with modern curved sofa. You can feel more comfortable when you are in the family room. You can find long white sofa and blue stylish armchair. The dining room looks outstanding just like in the expensive penthouse dining room. Long white table and vintage dining chairs are completing the dining room. Look up and you will see unique chandelier lamp design that made from bronze material.

Now, you are ready to see the master bedroom. It has glamor master bedroom with king size bed and tufted headboard. You can see a sofa lounge at the corner the room with vintage standing lamp. The bathroom looks so expensive in vintage style. There are two round mirrors on the wall with bronze frame design. You should see the apartment interior design pictures until the last picture.