Walk in Closet Design for Surprising Gift

Several days ago, my niece came to my house and asked for help, and then she talked about walk in closet design. She wanted to give a surprised to her mother. She looked that the closet is too small to keep the things inside. Then, she asked for my helps. I called my friend to help her. My friend is an interior designer. I arranged the appointment for my friend and my niece. I told to my niece that she should mention everything she needs to my friend.
Setting the Plan

After my friend and my niece met together in that time, they discussed the theme and the other details. My niece wanted to create the modern style. It would follow the new era recently. Moreover, she wanted to its practicality. Nowadays, people tend to have something in simple. Of course, it should not forget to the aesthetic side. This side is important because it will influence the closet appearance. Then, my niece mentioned that she wanted the closet like other typical closets. It should have closet shelves, clothes hungers, drawers, and boxes.
Realizing the Plan

My niece told that she wanted to choose the furniture and the decoration by herself. She would place the open clothes shelves. It would show the clothes arrangement. So, her mother would be facilitated to pick a cloth. The entrance would be built a sliding glass door. To have more storage, she put red boxes. It could be the additional accent to the closet. Then, she moved to think about the decoration. She added the color lined carpet to encompass the modern touch. She placed the silver leather sofa in the middle of the closet.

Moreover, my niece wanted to maintain the lighting system. She wanted to create light atmosphere. Hence, she wanted to install more lamps there. She installed the unique crystal chandelier. Above the chandelier, she added the small hidden lamps around the closet. Moreover, my friend also suggested my niece to put something in standing way. It would balance the proportion of the closet. Then, my niece thought again about placing the modern standing lamp there.