10 Degree House Utilized the Narrow Land

My friend and her husband moved to a new house in Arlington, Virginia because they got a job there, so that they built a house called 10 degree house. I do not know why my friend calls the house with that name. Nevertheless, I visited my friend to give her a congratulation word. I visited her in the weekend. I went with my husband there because she lives in different city from me now. We arrived in her house in the afternoon when the day was light and shiny.
Looking around of the House

I know that looking for wide land in Virginia nowadays is pretty hard. Then, my friend chose the narrow land. Moreover, she also thought about the limited budget for building the house. Hence, I could see the tapering floor land integrated in the house design. The design sticks to the sight line and setback requirements of the house location. In the fa├žade, I saw the steel rolling door garage. I think it is for two cars inside. The front yard is directly related to the street in front of the house.
Stepping to the House

I saw the brown wall for the house construction. Then, I saw the additional room above the garage. My friend has been waiting for us. She walked through the side pathway in which it connects the street to the main house. She drove me walking pass that way to come in the main house. From the side line, I saw the two big main houses. My friend built the internal yard between the buildings. We arrived in the internal yard, and then she opened the glass sliding door to come inside of the house.

I was surprised when coming inside of the house. My friend placed the dining room, kitchen, and living room in a line. She placed the wooden kitchen cabinets correlated to the wooden wall panels. Then, she placed green marble wooden kitchen island in front of the cabinets. On the left side while I was standing there, I saw the black dining table and black chairs. Going forward, I saw the living room with white long chair and wooden wall shelves. However, the house is very comfort and cozy for living anyway.