Abu Dhabi’s Al Bahar Towers with Hexagonal Shading System

Last week I went to Abu Dhabi’s Al Bahar Towers just want to know about the architectural design and the shading system that a lot of people talk about it. I just little bit curious so I decided to come to Abu Dhabi last week. The Mediterranean atmosphere sorely felt there together with the sea side scenery. The drought view seemed really usual for the people there walk in a really hot dessert city in daylight and in a frozen desert at night. I have got the weather shock because I never felt the extreme weather before.

Then when I arrived in the Abu Dhabi International Airport I just immediately asked to the taxi driver to take me to the Al Bahar Towers to relive my curiousness. It took about 2 hour’s trip to these magnificent skyscrapers. Not arrived yet but the buildings was already seen. I can took a picture from my cab clearly complete with the shading that at that time is opened, the picture was really beautiful even the surrounding seemed in a drought.
Al Bahar Towers Builders

I have got a little bit information about the building from the taxi driver. He told me that the completion of the building was last year, 2012 and the building is used for office. This office building built in 145 meters or in 476 feet high that consist of 29 floors. The owner of the building is the Abu Dhabi Investment Council. Then designer of the architecture of the building is Aedas that work together with the Arup as the structural engineer. Then the manager of the project was conducted by Mace Ltd and Al-Futtaim Carrillion as the contractor.
The Famous Al Bahar Towers

Then as I arrived in the buildings, I found the magnificent garden. I found the green lawn with pond and the fountain and beautiful scenery in the side of the sea. It was really ironic to saw the drought desert street all along the road to the towers. Then I enter the first floor of the building and That was an office longue, there I find the of the investment of the buildings and he tell me little bit about Al Bahar Towers. The towers awarded as the winner of the innovation Best Tall Building in Middle East and Africa and become a finalist in the 11th CTBUH annual awards 2012.