Bayside House with Elegant and Modern Layout

Last Christmas I went to my best friend’s bayside house. I know what are you expected about this residence. Yes, the bay scenery, but actually he not makes his house face the bay. It was so much regretful but actually his interior design of the residence could treat my disappointment of the bay scenery. His house is really beautiful from outside with the dark maroon of the outdoor wall and the small garden that beautifully arrange with the small pines, rocks and gravel. It is really beautifully trim his garden especially in Christmas.

His residence is consisting of three floors and each floor has its theme and its uniqueness. Start from the first floor of his residence, the purple light trim the porch of the residence perfectly. Then the second floor is more for the living of his family. I find the white and tidy living room that really spacious. The floor is made of dark wooden color tile and the wall that attached by the fire place is made of soft grey stone color that really beautifully blend with the interior design.
The Modern Minimalist Furniture

The furniture that lay in his living room is smartly trimming the residence. The residence is really beautiful with the white and pale brown stuffs together with the natural colors detail. The kitchen also trimmed by the ivory color that attached to cabinets and the counters. The unity of the colors makes me really please to saw the living room perfectly. Most of the lighting there is use the hidden lamps and the back lams that really make the modern touch is sorely felt there. Then the beautiful dark brown rug that lay underneath the couches is really beautifully trimming the fireplace spot.
The Adorable Bathroom

The bathroom of his residence is really comfortable. The dark grey wall combined with the dark warm wooden color of floor make it really beautiful. Those kind of interior design is for the powder room, for the real bathroom the colors is dominated with white and the light is really bright that make the clean sense there really felt. I just wondering that how often my friend must clean the bathroom to obtain the really clean bathroom like this.