Bedroom Ideas for Women in Light Color Theme

My younger sister wanted to renovate her bedroom in her apartment, so she searched the bedroom ideas for women. My sister wanted to get comfortable bedroom design because she needs to sleep well when she faces the tight daily schedule. Since she has spacious bedroom, she could find the design easily. When she told me her plan, I told her to not worry to find the right design for her bedroom. I told her to consider several things to make the bedroom incredibly.

<h3>Things to Consider</h3>

My sister looked for the things to do to get the dream bedroom. She thought to apply the color scheme. She likes the light color for a room. Then, she thought to change the furniture as well. Of course, she thought to adjust the furniture color to the wall color. It would create the harmony for the room. She wanted to add several things like the cabinets, hanging lamp, sitting lamp, sofas, and carpet. She told me that the additional decoration will be thought later after she finished those first things.

<h3>Placing the Furniture</h3>

My younger sister finally got the furniture she wanted. She asked me to help her with the stuff. Then, I came to her apartment. I saw the white low bed frame without bed legs. She put the white king size bed there. Moreover, she placed the lime green rug under the bed. She placed the white wall shelves aside the bed. She put the white vanity table next to the bed. In front of the bed, she placed the brown bed bench. She also placed the purple curtain on the windows in order to make the room more beautiful.

To decorate the room more, my younger sister placed the orange single sofa near the vanity table. My younger sister also thought about the lighting system. She placed the arch lamp aside the bed. Then, she also added the silver pouf somewhere in the bedroom. Since she wanted to create the comfort bedroom, she placed the furniture in her favorite things. Therefore, the room is represented my younger’s personality actually. Anyway, the room looks very comfort I think.