Bedroom Paint Ideas for Couples in White Wall and Wooden Wall Accent

My husband wanted to change our master bedroom, so he looked for bedroom paint ideas for couple. It has been for five years since we changed the last paint. My husband wanted to apply different color scheme for the bedroom. He said that by changing the color scheme or the color paint of a room will alter the room ambiance as well. Our previous bedroom paint is darker, so that my husband wanted to apply the lighter color for the bedroom.
Pick the Color&lt

My husband has been busy for several days. He did look for the right color for the master bedroom. Since he wanted to apply the lighter color, he had several options for it. He got the recommendation from his friend. Then, he decided to take the white paint for the wall. Of course, he wanted to add the accent for the wall. He was really interested in installing the wooden wall behind the bed. Hence, he would build a new accent for the wall. He also picked the wood color for his favorite. He chose the pale wooden wall anyway.
Featuring the Master Bedroom with Furniture&lt

The master bedroom should be lighter from the previous what my husband said. He has decided the wall paint and the wooden wall as the accent. Then, my husband looked for the furniture. Since he wanted to apply the wooden wall behind the bed, he chose the wooden bed frame in king size bed. He then placed the brown bar table near our bed to place the arch lamps. He also added the wooden wall shelves to place several books. To enlighten the room, my husband installed the neon bar lamps on the ceiling.

Furthermore, my husband wanted to add the cream brown rug under the bed. He also wanted to place the white single sofa with white footstool. There, he put the round glass table. Near the table, white standing lamp. Moreover, my husband placed oval mirror and brown wooden vanity table for me. However, the room looks differently after my husband finished placing the furniture and the wall paint.