Cedar Street Residence with Spacious Garden and Smart Roof

Last holiday I went to my brother’s house in Arizona, cedar street residence. He bought such great dwelling because of the garden that really spacious and lovable. Moreover the roof in the porch can be set as a canopy. In the front look, the house looks just like the other house. Minimalist look with white brick wall and grey roof the house looks really simple and minimalist. Remember that most of Arizona’s area is desert then I do really know why he set his front garden in rare plants.

When I entered his house, I start to amazed with the letter U house plan that makes me really adored the house. The concept is really simple and really minimalist with the wide windows all over the house could make me see the entire house side clearly. He set the house modernly with simple stuffs all around his house. In the inside of the house he set the white wall and the grey floor to make the sense minimalist. More over the stuffs are also set in a colors that really suitable to the wall and the floor perfectly.
The Artistic Decorations

Modern and minimalist look did not make my brother keep his painting in his shed. He still hangs all of his collections in his living room. He never forgot to hang my favorite painting that picture of a little blonde girl in a yellow dress. I love the painting that much because I see the picture of me in the picture, I do not know, may be a little bit creepy but I love it. The paintings not only that, there are family paintings of someone’s family and he abstracts that make the room so beautiful as well.
Outdoor Nook

He put an outdoor nook in his porch. I know he set it because I was there. He know me better, he knew that I love to spend my afternoon enjoy the sunset sky in outdoor, so he set his porch has an outdoor nook. I love his outdoor nook. There I can feel the Arizona’s breeze and could enjoyed the sky perfectly there. In the night I also could saw the stars clearly from the porch