Closet Ideas for Preparing Your Appearance

I just try to obtain the best the walking closet ideas for my own. Then I just make a small survey to my beloved family like my brother’s, my sister’s and my cousin’s. Before I build my house, I just want to have a concept of my bedroom together with my husband in a beautiful concept with the modern walking closet to prepare our appearance before start our day. I try to make the walking closet because my husband and I agree to make it into one closet for his clothes and mine.

Then the first walking closet that I inspect is my brother’s. He is really welcome to let me know his closet, he told me the wood that made his closet and the cost. His closet actually come really luxurious and adorable, but the space is too large for me remember that my and is not really spacious. He uses the wooden closet and he put a lot of separators to make him separates the kinds of clothes. He also keeps his shoes and bags there neatly and tidily. Really lovable, but I think his closet is too luxurious for me.
Minimalist Walking Closet

Then the second walking closet that becomes my reference is my sister’s. Her closet is really minimalist and really smart designed. The white color of the closet is really suitable to the wooden floor and her grey rug that placed in the middle of her walking closet. She also put the small chair to help her while wearing the shoes. Yes, she keeps her shoes, bags, accessories and the other clothes stuffs there beautifully. On the upper closet is for her bags collection, and in the middle is for the clothes and the bottom of the closet is for her shoes.
Colored Walking Closet

Then the last is my cousin’s walking closet. Here is the most adorable closet that I ever saw. She set the closet in colored. Because she loves green then she set the closet in green. Then no wonder that the stuffs that set there also in a green, but the concept is really beautiful. The style and the look basically just the same to my sister’s, then I just want to blend the luxurious of my brother’s, the minimalist concept of my sister’s and the colored theme of my cousin’s. I think to blend those three ideas is really good for my walking closet will be.