Comfortable Living Room Ideas for Modern Design

For some people, living room is the crucial part of the house, and then people tend to have comfortable living room ideas. The thought is similar to my friend. She invited me to her house recently. She held something like welcoming party because it is her new house. She told me that the house is about her dream. She dreamt to design the house all by herself. She realized her dream to this house. Of course, she was happy to invite us in her new house.
Arriving in her House

The destination day of the welcoming party invited to the living room first. I saw that her living room is very comfortable. Of course, it looks like the other living rooms. My friend set the room to have cozy and comfort feelings. She held those factors to build the living room. She placed the sofa, chair, and the room decorations. Of course, it made me more interested to ask her about the design. She has built the living room successfully. I thought that everyone who lives there will feel very homey.
Living Room Design

I dared myself to ask my friend about the design. My friend told me that she applied the modern design. She only set her favorite things there. She placed the black twin sofas there. Facing the sofa, she added the grey sofas. Then, she added the black polished table. Under the table, she added the grey rug. It made the table look more comfort. Above right to the table, my friend installed the curved chandelier. It was made from crystal. I could see the sparkling side of the chandelier even this lamp did not turn on.

Since the space is very spacious, my friend added the big decoration. She put the black bookshelves. Behind the bookshelves, she has the brown wall. It was really contrasted colors for a room. More than that, she made the room fresher by applying the white ceiling. For the window, my friend installed the white curtain. It was a great combination. Anyway, the welcoming party was very fun and enjoyable. Moreover, the guests have seen the fabulous interior design for living room.