Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas to Give New Atmosphere

For couple months ago, my sister told me that she wanted to renovate her old kitchen, and then she wanted to change the kitchen with contemporary kitchen design ideas. She told me that she wanted the new ambiance around her kitchen because she works in the kitchen every day. She felt bored by the former kitchen design. As seen in her personality, she likes to get the new atmosphere regarded to the room. Last month, she changed her bedroom theme as well. Then, she wanted to change her kitchen theme that time.
Finding the Right Kitchen Furniture for Her

My friend planned to get the right theme for her kitchen. She tried to find the various designs to help her with the choice. That time, she thought that she wanted the fresh theme. She wanted to get the theme like in the European kitchen. She would like to get the example like elegant European kitchen set. Of course, she mentioned the kitchen furniture to place in her kitchen. She wanted to place kitchen cabinets, kitchen oven cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen islands, and other storage.
Set the Kitchen for Her

After searching for a while, she wanted to put purple color scheme for her kitchen. Then, she put purple kitchen cabinets in a side of the kitchen. She, then, added the purple kitchen oven cabinets near the cabinets. She also added the purple kitchen counters in the middle of the kitchen. To give the effect, she added the lighting to the kitchen. She installed the steel chandelier above the kitchen counters. She added the black steel chairs to feature the counters. Moreover, she added the grey chimney as the ventilation.

Furthermore, my friend would also set the floor adjusted to kitchen theme. She adjusted the natural stone floor. Then, she built the white ceiling for the room. Hence, the kitchen looked very good. Moreover, my friend tried to build the good proportion of the room. Then, she neutralized the room by placing the white flower vase there. When she told me about that, I thought that it was a brillian idea. Of course, she also satisfied the results.