Crazy Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween Festival Competition

The last Halloween festival was the incredible festival in my hometown because many houses provided the crazy pumpkin carvings. This year, the festival held the competition for the pumpkin carvings. Every house could take a part in the festival. Hence, my neighborhood wanted to join the competition. It was not for the big prizes, but it was for having fun. Thus, the festival was more fun. Consequently, my neighbors and my family tried to design the unique carvings in which everyone cannot imitate the idea. Therefore, my family has big plan to choose the ideas.
The Portrait of Famous Artists

My family had the crazy ideas for the pumpkin carvings. We had our first option to get the portrait of the famous artists. We thought the artists who will be carved in the pumpkin. We thought it seriously. Then, the ideas came for the legendary Marylin Monroe and the Joker who died in the car accident couple years ago. Those two artists had the special place in everyone heart. Therefore, my family decided to carve their face on the pumpkin. We chose the specific facial expression as well.
The Comic Characters

Apart from the portrait of famous artists, my family decided to make more pumpkin carvings. We wanted to carve the comic characters for sure. Then, we looked for the favorite characters. Each of us should mention the favorite one. Hence, there were several comic characters. Yet, we made the predator face like in the predator movie. Moreover, we also carved the cat woman, superman, Spiderman, and the Flying Dutchman. Of course, we were very excited to have carving activity.

We started to carve both the artist portraits and the comic characters. We could finish the carvings in about a month because it needed the details for the best results. Actually, my brothers did the carvings more than me. Later on, my job was for setting the pumpkin in front of our house. The judges came to the house in the Halloween night to give scores in every house. They also considered the layout. Therefore, the layout was the important thing in this competition. Anyway, I enjoyed the activity