Decorative Pillows for Bed with Various Ideas

Decorative pillows for bed will really trim your bedroom look perfectly. The cushions and the pillow usually use pillow case that come in any motives and types. From the polka dots, stripes, flowers, plain, typical motives, embroidery and the other decorative idea that trim the pillow and the cushions perfectly. My sister is the pillow collector. She always collects the pillow from every single country that she ever visited. She said that not only the typical motives that she want to collect, but the shape and the cute ideas of the pillow.

The pillow come really variously till can trim all of the types of the room. Like the typical motives for the vintage and classic room theme. Then the plain is for the modern and minimalist room. And her favorite pillow is the one that come in flowery, embroidery, and sequin that really beautiful trim her girly room perfectly. The flowery one she put in her bed, then the embroidery she put in her window bay bedroom and the sequin she put in her small chairs that placed in front of the bed perfectly.
Couple Pillows

My sister collects from the plain pillow, the typical motives, the flowers, to the couple cushions that come in a pairs. Like the cushions that has a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Labels. Then the couple pillows are put in my parent room. The “Mr.” pillow is for my father and the “Mrs.” Pillow is for my mother. Not only the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” but she also collect the couple pillow that comes in Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, face in its pillow. Then the couple pillow which becomes her favorite is the one that come in a “Romeo” and “Juliet” writing in it.
The Painted Pillows

Then there are pillows that come really beautiful. Actually the pillows are painted pillows that made of canvas fabric and painted before the fabric was sewed. This pillow is not she bought anywhere. She got the pillow from her Asian friend that last month comes to our house. The painted pillow is really beautiful. The picture is just like an ordinary flowers but the accent of the brush in the canvas is really beautiful.