Dining Room Chandeliers in Classic Design

Dining room is the important part in a house, so that the decorations for this room are also crucial like dining room chandeliers. This kind of lamps has various designs. Hence, many people will adjust the lamp to their room theme. In fact, the chandeliers are not only installed in the dining room. They can also be installed in living room, kitchen, and even the bedroom. Wherever the chandelier will be installed, the most important thing is the harmony with the theme of the room.
Visiting my Friend

Talking about chandeliers, I have visited my friend’s house. She has just installed the unique chandelier for her dining room. Of course, I was interested in asking her about this. I saw the chandelier by my own eyes. The chandelier is great to place there. Then, I asked her the tricks and the tips to choose the right chandelier. She told me that the basic principle is the theme like it is said previously. Besides the theme, my friend said to check the color scheme. She added that finding the similar theme will be difficult, so she suggested having the relative theme and coloring scheme.
Finding Various Kinds of Chandelier

On the other hands, my friend and I had conversation in her dining room. The dining room is very tidy. She arranged the furniture very well. Moreover, she did the maintenance by herself. Of course, it was shown in the result. She placed the black wooden dining table set with the black wooden chairs. Under the dining table set, she placed the brown pattern carpet. She wanted to create the balance proportion there. Hence, she painted the wall in brown color. This paint created warm atmosphere to the room.

Furthermore, my friend told me that setting and installing the chandelier should be after the dining table set. The dining table would also influence the chandelier types. Regarding to her dining table set, she installed the classic chandelier. Then, the classic one was flanked by glass crystal chandeliers. In addition, she decorated the room with white vanity mirror. On the other hands, my friend placed the glass vases in the middle of the table.