Fireplace Mantel Designs for Additional Fireplace in the House

My grandmother wanted to make an additional fireplace for the house, and then she looked for one of the fireplace mantel designs. She wanted to make the new fireplace in the television room. It was because the old fireplace is in the living room. My grandmother felt that the fireplace in the living room would not give its value much. She said to me that my grandmother cannot feel warmer when she is watching television. Moreover, my grandmother really felt the disadvantages in winter. Thus, she wanted to find one.
Looking for the Design

My grandmother wanted to get the simple and classic design for the fireplace mantel. She wanted to use the neutral color scheme. My grandmother does not like the strange or extraordinary thing. She likes the conventional one. Hence, her house also has the conventional design. Her grandchildren have been proposed her to get the different design for the new fireplace. Yet, she refused all our recommendation. She was still in her first decision. Of course, our family could not change her mind about that.
Building the Fireplace

My grandmother asked one of my cousins to take the responsibility of building the fireplace. Still, he should show the design to our grandmother. My cousin could not refuse her request that time. My cousin found several classic designs for the fireplace. He showed them to our grandmother. The options were cemented fireplace, stone fireplace, brick fireplace. My cousin said that the cemented fireplace would have more various designs and colors. Hence, my grandmother was interested in building the cemented fireplace. She then arranged the plan for decorating around the fireplace.

My grandmother chose the white cemented fireplace. Since the floor is already made from wood, she did not change the floor for creating a good proportion. Yet, she changed the paint for the wall around the fireplace. She applied the wallpaper for the practicality as she said to my cousin. She wanted the brown patterned wallpaper on the wall. She also placed the brown ceramic pot there. My grandmother wanted to put the family pictures above the fireplace. She said that it will be the great decoration for the fireplace and the room at once.