Garage Interior Design Ideas for Modern Workshop Garage

My brother wanted to build his second garage in his house, and then he looked for the garage interior design ideas. He realized that there are many ideas for the garage. Then, he wanted to find the suitable one. He asked his designer friend on how to maintain the garage. He wanted to get the spacious and modern garage. His first garage has the modern design. Hence, he wanted to build the similar design, but he wanted the different atmosphere and arrangement.
What to Think

My brother has met his friend about the garage design. He told me that his friend recommended him to think more about the design. He should think about the garage system. His friend also told him to build a good system for the garage. Hence, my brother can work efficiently. He thought it very precisely. Then, he came with his decision as he told me. He wanted to place the garage bench and cabinets for the system. Then, he thought about the color scheme of the garage, the floor types, the ventilation, and the lighting system.
Realizing the Plan

My brother has thought about the garage system as major aspect for building a garage. He placed the steel garage bench for doing his job there. Then, he set the white garage cabinets. Moreover, he added the tool hangers to hang the mechanic tools. Furthermore, he thought more about the design. He wanted the neutral color scheme. Hence, he chose the grey wall for the garage. He moved to think about the floor types. He did not want to apply the painted floor. He wanted to install the race deck floor. He wanted to mix the colors of black, red, white, and grey.

In addition, my brother also thought about the ventilation. Hence, he added the large frameless window facing the garden. So, he added the blinds on it. More than that, my brother also arranged the lighting system. He added the hidden lamps on the ceiling. He installed the wall lamps as well. I have been waiting for the garage finished. After several times, he asked me to see the result, and then I saw the new modern workshop there instead of a garage.