Hot Tub Cover Lift Which Choice Is

My older sister has a new hot tub in her house, but she still confused how to protect the hot tub, and then she asked our father about that, and he suggested buying hot tub cover lift. My older sister placed the hot tub in the backyard. It meant that it is in outdoor place. As we know that, the hot tub would be easily getting dirty in outdoor place. It might be leaves, branches, flowers, and other things. Moreover, the cover would bring more advantages to keep the hot tub clean.
What to See

My older sister still could not find best cover for her hot tub. Then, she asked my father again to give her short explanation. My father said that she should look for durability. Hence, my father said that the parachute material would be best for the tub. It can resist to rain at least. Moreover, my father also said that my older sister should check the cover structure. She should check the flexibility steel. Moreover, she should check that the cover frame also works properly by folding and release the frames.
What to Choose

My older sister did what my father said before. She started looking the cover for her hot tub. She found various colors instead of various designs. Still, she looked for the right one for her tub. Before looking for the cover, she asked me to accompany her to find the cover. Yet, I did not know how her tub looks like. She told me that the tub has brown color as the base. It looks like a wooden tub from the outside. Then, my older sister said that the tub itself has blue metallic surface. I thought that the tub would be great look.

Moreover, my older sister wanted to adjust the cover color to the tub. Hence, she picked several colors as the options. She chose the brown cover, grey cover, navy blue cover, and light brown cover. She then asked me about that. I thought that the best colors are brown or light brown due to the tub. My older sister still thought about it. Finally, she chose the brown color for the best choice.