House in Moreira Seeing as Concrete Box House

My husband asked me to meet his old friend who has a house in Moreira. My husband said that he has not met his old friend for about ten years. He accidentally met his friend when he had a meeting in the client’s office. My husband told me that his friend has built a new design house. His friend also added that the house will be the pioneer in home design. I thought that was a hyperbole. I would prove myself about that.
What to See in the House

My husband drove the car very slowly while we were looking for the house. His friend has given the home address. My husband said that the house is made from concrete walls. His friend did not paint the walls. I observed every house in that neighborhood. Then, my husband and I saw the concrete box house there. What his friend said was all true. I also saw the concrete fence covered the house. We stood up in front of the house. We looked around for the neat green lawn there. Still, I saw the highlight for the wooden entrance door.
Going to Meet His Friend

My husband’s friend came out and greeted us. He invited us to come inside. While walking inside to the house, my husband’s friend talked about his house. I could say that the house has long corridors to connect a room to the other room. He also explained that the house adopted the letter E. Hence, the house has three parts as the main room. We sat on the red leather sofa in the middle of the main room. There, we could see the two main rooms. Yet, I was more interested in the dining room and the kitchen in which is located in the last row.

Moreover, my husband’s friend placed the wooden dining table and wooden chairs in the dining room. Meanwhile, he placed the green wooden kitchen counter in front of the dining table. In the difference room, I could see the wooden stairs with white wooden railways to connect the levels. However, my husband and I were happy and satisfied after seeing and observing the new home design.