House in Yamasaki with Modern Minimalist Translucent Dwelling

I ever lived in a house in Yamazaki. So, this story begins with the student exchange scholarship to Japan that I have got. I have got the opportunity to learn the social condition and Japanese culture last year. I lived with a kind and warm family in Yamasaki. The family lived in a modern minimalist translucent dwelling that really eco friendly. The concept of the house is minimalist and simple enough. The colors of the major house is white and only combined with the wooden floor and wooden stuffs.

I know that their house have no garden, but they trimmed the house with indoor plant that set randomly in a corner of their house. Then the house has its small hole that can make the sun directly shining out the house, then that is why the house called as the translucent dwelling. What I do really love from the house is the easy look and simple arrangement that make the house spacious but actually it is only build in a small land. The wide window take a part of make the sense there spacious, moreover the wide windows make me never switch the lamp on in the day light.
Modern and Minimalist Sense

I can saw the blending of modern look and the minimalist touch that perfectly lay down in the house. The minimalist touch that they set in the table that stacks to the wall and the minimalist book shelves above it. It comes in a lacquered wooden color and perfectly blends with the white wall there. The floor set in wooden and smooth cement floor. The stairs set in a minimalist modern look with white color and the trimmings are only the indoor plants.
Second Floor

In the second floor the sense and the view is just the same with the first floor. There I just can find the beautiful arrangement of sink room. The room is only covered by the yellow and orange curtains. Then there is the frosted glass sink with stainless steel faucet lay down beautifully. I still remember the flowers that everyday set there. I do not really know the name but the flowers is really simple and chic to be placed there beside the sink.