Interior Design for Small Spaces for a Student

My sister’s daughter wanted to design her apartment, and then she looked for the interior design for small spaces. My niece asked me how to design the small places. It was because her future apartment is very small. It is only for a student like her. She wanted to go to the school outside her hometown. Hence, her mother gave her a small apartment. Of course, she was really happy to take that apartment. Then, her mother said to have the design by her own. She only gave an empty apartment.
Decide the Plan

As said previously, the reason why my niece came to my house was asking for my help. She confused how to design the small space. Then, I had an idea to ask her visiting my friend’s apartment. It might help her to get the inspiration. Surely, I recommended my niece listing what she needs to get the design. My niece told me that she wanted to create the living room, the kitchen and the dining room like a typical house. I told her that it might be possible to create those spaces.
Getting the Inspiration

My niece and I have made the appointment to meet my friend in her apartment. Then, we directly went to the apartment. There, we were invited to the living room. We saw that the room is small, but it looks spacious. The major spaces are for living room, kitchen and dining room, workshop room, and bedroom. My friend set the living room for simple design like placing the brown leather sofa with wooden table. Then, she placed the grey carpet floor to cover the place there. Then, she used the different carpet floor to separate the room.

On the other hands, my niece and I went to see the workshop room. The workshop room is very nice. My friend placed the white multifunctional cabinets. She added the wooden desk. Then, she added the red stitch bookshelves to create the color accent. Moreover, we looked at the left side, and then we saw the green buck bed. On the right side, my friend set the café dining table with the wooden kitchen set. We were so thankful for allowing us in her house. Anyway, I hope that it can give my niece an inspiration.