Interior Design Idea for Kitchen as Polka Dot Clean Kitchen

My sister in law would build her second kitchen, so that she looked for the interior design idea for kitchen. My sister in law wanted the design in playful theme. She wanted to get the design like what the trend was at that time. She tended to try the unusual design for her second kitchen. She has ever told me that the second kitchen would be useful when she felt bored to use the daily kitchen. Anyway, my sister in law added that the old kitchen is for dirty kitchen, and then the new kitchen is for the clean kitchen.
The Dirty and Clean Kitchen

There are not many people that will divide the kitchen for the dirty and the clean. This concept will spend more space, budgets, and maintenance. Yet, my sister in law wanted to apply the different thing to other people. She still kept her thinking about building the kitchen. She wanted something different in home design. She planned to get the different planned of utilizing the kitchen. She wanted to use the dirty kitchen to cook the meal. Meanwhile, the clean kitchen would be used to prepare the food servings.
The New Kitchen as Clean Kitchen

My sister in law decided to use the polka dot design. She would apply the polka dot wall paper to cover all kitchen walls. Then, she maintained the furniture inside. She placed the white kitchen cabinets sticking on the wall. Then, she put the white kitchen islands in the middle of the room. Moreover, my sister in law placed the black steel kitchen chairs aside the islands. She also installed the grey marble floor to make the kitchen look luxurious.

More than that, my sister in law thought about the lighting and other decorations. She set the brown ball chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. To make the vision more clearly, she added the hidden counter lamps to the kitchen cabinets. Hence, she would see clearer if she cooked something on the stove. She also added the small white pot placed on the kitchen islands. It would create the green atmosphere there.