Interior Design in Bed Room Seen in My Brothers’ Room

Interior design should be thought very precisely; moreover it is about interior design in bed room. This concept has extremely to get the stunning and incredible interior design. Of course, the people tend to find the convenient in the bed room. The bed room for some people is the place where they can release the stress. Moreover, bed room is the place where you will end your day. Therefore, the bed room design will remain differently to each person. I personally have seen my brothers’ bed rooms.
My older Brother’s Room

I have two brothers. My older brother is the person who likes practicality and simple things. He likes the neutral color like white, black, grey, or brown. He placed the black bed frame. He featured it with white quilt and bed cover. He added the small black side bed tables there. Above the tables, he put the black sitting lamps. He also placed the black wooden cabinets aside the bed. He installed the black wall shelves to put the room decorations like photo frames. He also put the brown rug in the edge of the bed.
My younger Brother’s Room

My younger brother would think the design differently from my older brother. He likes something in colorful way. Moreover, he likes the colors such as green, orange, white, or brown. Therefore, his room is very young like what I said to describe my younger brother’s room. My younger brother placed white bed frame. He added the green stripped quilt. He also added the green stripped pillows. He, then, made the white wall shelves to place his favorite things. Moreover, he put small circle mirror hanging on the wall.

On the other hands, I could feel their excitement when they designed their room. Of course, they did the job precisely. They put their favorite things to place in the bed room. I thought that they should have amazing imagination to create and design their room. Yet, I did not design my room as they did. Therefore, I started to think to redecorate my own room by asking their helps obviously. I will expect their help for my problem, then.