Interior Stone Veneer for the Public Area of the House

My grandfather’s friend invited my grandfather to his house for last week end because my grandfather’s friend wanted to show his interior stone veneer. My grandfather said that his friend likes everything in stone material. Then, my grandfather accepted the invitation. Yet, he asked me to come with him. I myself was curious about the stone that is installed in the house. When my grandfather and I arrived there, I saw the stone covering all the house parts. I saw also the beautiful proportion of stone there.
The Living Room

First place that my grandfather and I came in was the living room. My grandfather’s friend showed the spacious living room to us. There, I saw the brown natural stone wall. This room is covered by white marble floor. Then, we sat on the black sofas with white seating pads. He also added the white carpet between the sofas. To make the living room more stunning, my grandfather’s friend installed the hidden lamps to spot the stone wall. Moreover, he placed the cream pot that is planted by a tropical tree there.
Going to the Dining Room

The dining room is the interesting of the house. My grandfather’s friend set the dining room like a café. He installed the cream stone to the wall. He, then, made the designed to be seemed greenish. Hence, he put the green leather sofas along the dining room. He placed the dark brown dining table. He also installed the wall lamps spotted the stone wall. He installed the orange three-dimension pictures. Moreover, he set the pot for the plant. So, he could make the fresher atmosphere in the dining room.

More than that, I felt happy when I should stay there for several days. Actually, I did not only explore the living room and the dining room, but I also explored and tried the unique terrace in the house. The terrace would have unique small garden waterfall. My grandfather’s friend placed the black cushions there. He also featured the place with dark brown stone. Therefore, the house looks fantastic and very stone I said. Moreover, I want to be there once more if I can.