Kids Bedroom Ideas for Growth Age Boy

My older brother wanted to build a new bedroom for his boy, so that he looked for kids bedroom ideas. He wanted to give his son a new look of bedroom because his son has grown up. His son has specific preferences about the bedroom design. Hence, my older brother asked my nephew what he wanted to place in his bedroom. Like the other kids, my nephew wanted something for playful theme. He is in her school age now. Then, his father wanted to add the bookshelves there.
Picking the Furniture

My older brother asked me for the furniture and the decoration because I have just built the new bedroom for my son as well. My older brother asked me what to be placed there. I told him that he should buy the efficient furniture and decorations. I told him again that he should remember his son age because he will grow up faster. If he wants to save the budgets and does not want change the design often, he should build the neutral design. Hence, the room can be used until he graduates from the elementary school.
Arranging the Bedroom

My older brother, then, considered his son’s choice and the future things. Then, he tried to combine the choices. He wanted to realize his son’s wish. Moreover, he wanted that the design could be used until he graduates from the elementary school. On the other hands, he showed me the new bedroom after it finished. I saw that the bedroom is right for a boy in growth age. My older brother placed white bed frame. Then, he placed the playful things first. He installed the swing bed aside the bed. He also added the atlas carpet there.

In addition, my older brother placed something efficient for the future. My older brother applied the wooden floor for the room. He also placed the white desk with white chairs. He set the green cupboard aside the bed. He also installed the wooden cabinets as the additional storage. Then, he put the white wall bookshelves to keep his books later. He decided to paint all walls in white. Thus, he could encompass the colorful furniture there.