Kids Loft Bed for Minimalist Look Bedroom

Last week, my younger and the youngest sister ask to my parent to be bought a kids loft bed in their room. For your information, they have different room, so my parent bought two loft beds for them. Then three days ago, we went to the department store that sells the loft bed. You know? First time I heard about the loft bed it must be come in a childish shape with the Cinderella picture in the bed frame, but I was wrong, the loft bed is really adorable. I want one for my room if I am as young as my sisters.

The shape of the loft bed is really minimalist. Just thanks to the designer and the inventor of this kind of brilliant object that make the desk, bed, book shelf, drawers, and wardrobe into one object called as loft bed. It is really suitable to the small room like my sister’s. Thus the bed comes colorfully as the children usually want the colorful thing to keep. Praise to God that my sister choose the loft bed that come in a beautiful color combination.
White, Pink and Lime Green Loft Bed

My younger sister chooses the loft bed that comes in these three colors; white, pink, and lime green. Such sweet combination I think. Then the loft bed is count the bed in the upper side of the stuff, the drawers, the shelf and the wardrobe under the bed and the desk beside all of it. This colors combination is really suitable to my younger sister’s room that has white wall color. Then the small room is solved by this kind of loft bed that she chooses for her only bedroom.
Pink and White Loft Bed

Rather childish but still stylish for a seven years old girl. My youngest sister chooses the pink and white loft bed. Not as complete as my younger sister loft bed, but this loft bed has a larger under the bed space to put all the things that she needs like her bookshelf, small drawers and the small green carpet. Actually the color combination is rather “candy” look but I love the layout by the way. The wall of the room is purple then that would be not really crowded to be combined with the pink and white color.