Luxury Caravan for Best Family Vacation Option

My father likes going travelling everywhere, so that he planned to have luxury caravan. This kind of vehicle is one of the recreation vehicles. This kind of vehicles is like a house, it has living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. My father wanted to get one because he wants to bring all the family in a vacation. Many people usually plan to go vacation with the RV. They usually go in a group. My father wants to join the group for this holiday season.
Looking for the Vehicle

My father then asked his friend who owns the RV. He also browsed on the internet to see more information about the specifications and the price. As long as I knew, my father did not have any financial problem to buy the RV. He has saved some money for his plan. Then, he told me to come with him suddenly in that morning. He asked me to accompany him in a car showroom. His friend gave him a recommended car dealer. There, he showed two various types that could catch his attention.
Choosing the Vehicle

My father had two options that time. He wanted to white or black vehicle. The white one has brown sofa set with large screen television on the car wall. It also has white kitchen inside. It also has extra king size stripped brown bed featured with large television there. Yet, it has ordinary bathroom. Meanwhile, the black one has bigger space. Behind the driver seats, this vehicle has brown leather sofa set with table. It is featured with large television as well. Then, it has brown wooden kitchen set. It also has spacious bedroom than the previous one. Then, the black one has luxury bathroom with glass shower unit like in a hotel.

Furthermore, the black one has special aspect that could catch my father’s attention more. The black one has hidden garage in the vehicle. The garage suits to the sedan type. It is like what my father wants. Then, my father started to consider which car he chooses. After a while, he decided to get the black vehicle as his best options. However, he seemed happy when paying the car to get it home. Hence, he can go to the family vacation.