Minimalist Restaurant Design for Creating Family Atmosphere

One of my colleagues has built a new restaurant, and then this restaurant uses the incredible minimalist restaurant design. I was curious how the restaurant looks like. Fortunately, she held the grand opening for the new restaurant for that month. She invited me to attend the grand opening. Of course, I was there for my pleasure. The restaurant is quite big if I could say that. I met her in her new restaurant that day. We have short conversation. She told me about the restaurant shortly.
My Colleague’s Story

When we have the short conversation, she told me the story behind the restaurant she made. Even though it was just a short conversation, she explained the story for complete. I knew that this restaurant is her dream for long time. Hence, she realized the dream for now. She also added that she wants to create the family atmosphere around the restaurant. It means that she wants to build a restaurant where you feel like home. She also wants that the customers feel like in their own dining room. Thus, she put long wooden table with wooden bench in the middle of the restaurant.
The Restaurant Will Be

I thought that I could understand my colleague’s vision for the restaurant. I have seen the wooden table in the middle of the restaurant. This table divides the restaurant into two sides. In one side, my colleague set the table and chairs like in family dining restaurant. She placed the orange square table there. She completed the table with yellow benches. Hence, the family atmosphere would be appeared. She also added the special wall decoration for lamp holes. She could create the specific accent there.

Moreover, my colleague also added the bar. It was not an ordinary bar. She built an open kitchen bar. Thus, I could see the inspiration from the sushi bar in the sushi restaurant. I thought that it was a brilliant idea because she can show how the chefs cook the meal. It would also attract the customers to stay and buy the meal in the restaurant. However, this restaurant would be successful as the famous restaurant later.