Modern Dining Tables for Old Atmosphere

The dining room will not complete without the dining table, so that there are various designs like modern dining tables. My younger sister became one of many people who looked for this kind of design. She wanted to create her own dining room. She has just moved to a new house. Yet, the dining room has not been ready. Therefore, she was likely to find the specific design for the dining table. The reason why she chose the modern design was because her house used the modern concept.
My Sister’s Story

Last Wednesday, my sister came to my house. She told me that she wanted to decorate her dining room. She wanted me to accompany her finding the dining table. She, then, asked me first what she should buy for a dining table. To convince her more, I called my cousin to give her short explanation. My sister, then, told me after she finished having the conversation with my cousin. My sister realized that she should find the durable material and easy cleaning. It is because most dining table especially wood will not stay for long periods.
Placing the Furniture

My sister and I looked around the furniture stores. We have seen many designs for the dining table. She, then, found what she needs. She took that dining table set and looked for the decorations. After several days, my sister called me that her new dining room has finished. She invited me to come soon. Surely, I was wondering as well about the design. I arrived to her house and saw the dining room. She placed the black round dining table. She featured it with black S line sofa.

Furthermore, she wanted to create the old atmosphere. Then, she applied the former industrial wallpaper. To strengthen the wallpaper, she installed the white granite floor. I thought that she did her job well. She has successfully built the dining room. Under the table, she placed the white rug. On the table, she placed the glass vases. She also placed the white tea pot set to make the table more attractive. She, then, chose the arch lamp instead of chandelier.