Moroccan Bedspread and Do It Yourself

If you try to make your bedroom in a modern ethnical sense, then to choose the Moroccan bedspread is the best choice. Before we go further, I try to explain the modern concept that you can build through the color block, the color and the shades, or by put the simplicity. You can choose one of the concepts there that you think the best to be combined with the Moroccan style furniture, especially bedspreads. Moroccan style bedspread usually comes colorfully, then just find the colorful one if you try to obtain the cheery mood in your bedroom.

If you try to obtain the other sense like the modern, natural, or even the girly mood of the Moroccan style, you can just play the color of the wall and he floor to set the theme perfectly. Moreover if you try to obtain the modern look one, you can easily set the Moroccan bed with your modern concept that you want to apply there. The Modern touch that usually really perfect for your Moroccan bed is the color block one, the matched color block. Moreover you can make it by yourself.
Set the Mood

Before you try to make your bedspread, if you try to set the modern mood by lay the Moroccan style bed, you will need the bed sheet that comes in colors that not too crowd and the shape that has no many details. Then for the wall, you can set it in a two tone colors like black and white or the other color block that might make your room in a beautiful sense. For the floor you can simply use the white floor or just the wooden colors that will always match to your every room look.
Create Your Bedspread

You can use the fabrics that already obsolete and use the colors that really match with your modern bedroom. Because you try to obtain the Moroccan, you will really need the fabric that has the Moroccan typical details or embroidery. If you got it just keep it and if you do not, just use the colorful random fabric. You can easily make it unite into a bed size. Before you unite it, shape the fabric in the same shape and sew it together. DO not forget to make it balance with your Moroccan bedroom sense.