Reading Spaces Integrated in Every Corner of the House

My younger sister likes reading very much, so that when she builds a house, she wanted to place the reading spaces in every corner of the house. Fortunately, she proved what she said before. She has just married for a year. Yet, my sister and her husband have just finished building their new house. My sister told me about their new house. She is really happy with that. She also told me her dream for her favorite place. Her husband supported her with the reading corner ideas.
Proving the Spaces

My sister called me to come to her house because she wanted to tell her story when making the reading corner. Of course, I was wondering how the corner looks like. I went to her house the next day. That day was Saturday, and then I had my work off. She also did the same. Coming inside to the house, I sat in the living room. She accompanied me there. I asked her where one of the bookshelves is. She pointed the yellow set with rounded bookshelves. I did not anticipate that it is a bookshelf. She told me that it is only one of the bookshelves around the house.
Showing the Bookshelves

I could not wait where the rest of the bookshelves are. Then, I asked my sister to show them to me. She walked in front of me. She is like the salesman who is selling a particular product. She showed me the reading corner facing the outdoor environment. Hence, it is placed behind the wide windows. She placed the ordinary white wooden bookshelves and the red chair to complete the corner. Then, she drove me to the other room. She showed the special room for the reading activity. She placed the green wall bookshelves there. She also placed the white sofa.

On the other hands, my sister also built another special room. She utilized the upper room of the house become her small library. She placed the wooden bookshelves. She also put the white mattress for her convenient. To make her more comfortable, she added the desk lamp there. Moreover, I have seen her reading corners around the house. I thought that It is effective place for reading hobby.