Seongbuk Gate Hills in Lurched House Arrangement

My friend bought a house in Seongbuk Gate Hills in Seoul, South Korea. That year, he was transferred in South Korea. Hence, he bought the house for the long-term living plan. My friend chose the residence because it is one of the exclusive districts in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul. Coming with his house, there are twelve houses that almost have similar home design. Hence, you will differentiate the house by looking at the house’s number as my friend said. Moreover, my friend also chose the house because the location has beautiful scenery even though it has lurched house order.
Visiting My Friend

That year, I had opportunity to go to South Korea due to my duty. I took a chance to visit my friend in his new house. I called him that time. He gave me the address. I arrived in the residence. Then, I saw what my friend said to me several times ago. I walked and found the house’s number. I looked around for a second. I saw the house integrating the balance of building and the landscape. Because it is located in a hill, the building combines the indoor and outdoor very well. Each building also encompasses the panoramic sight.
Coming Inside to the House

My friend allowed me to come inside. I know that the ground floor is for the garage. Then, the living area is in the first and second floor. My friend asked me to go upstairs in the first floor. I saw the spacious room with white L sofa and lime green single sofa. The spot is featured with arch standing lamp and white carpet under the sofas. In front of it, he placed the black wooden dining table and black chairs. Going forward, I saw the synthetic grass covered in the void. There, I could see the barbeque area.

Moreover, I went upper level in the second floor. I saw the beautiful scenery there. My friend placed the white bench for sunbathing. Hence, he could enjoy the holiday just in his house. More than that, my friend told something interesting of the house. It is about the rooftop garden. It is planted with different species of seeds. Hence, it would have colorful plants on the top of the house.