Shelf Pod with Biggest Wall Wooden Bookshelves Inside

My college friend moved to a new house which he calls it as shelf pod. He told me about that. He wanted to move in his own house since we were in the first year. He chose to live in a house instead of an apartment. It was he stayed in an apartment before. He did not feel comfort when he lived in the apartment. He said to me that he cannot meet other people in the apartment. Meanwhile, he can meet more people while he moved in a residence.
Coming to the House

I visited my friend last Sunday. I called him to get his address. After I got the address, I asked another friend to visit him. When I arrived in front of his house, I saw the house like a big wooden box. I was curious that time how the inside of the house. From the fa├žade, I saw closed wooden wall with several windows there. My friend greeted us to come inside. I saw many shelves there covered every corner in the house. He built the biggest wooden wall shelves in the house.
Looking around the House

My friend brought us to the salone part. This part is the multifunction space I think. This space has red sofa in the corner with red patterned carpet as well. He also placed the square wooden table above the carpet. My friend hung the blue Islamic mosaic on the wall for the centre of attention. He connected the space by building the wooden stairs. Hence, the house utilized the level to separate the spaces. Stepping down one level, I could see the wooden kitchen set like cabinets and counter stuck on the wall. Moreover, he also utilized the upper level floor as the dining table.

Stepping up of the level, my friend designed it as bedroom and working space. He still placed the wooden bookshelves there. Actually he placed the bookshelves from the ground level until the upper level of the house. Back to the working space, he placed the wooden desk and the black office chair. Aside the working space, he placed the bed with floral pattern bedcover. Anyway, I am happy visiting his new house that time.