Small Kitchen Layout in a Small Apartment

My friend wanted to build a kitchen for her small apartment, so that she wanted to get the small kitchen layout. She was busy to find the right design for her kitchen in a small apartment. It was because she does not have the kitchen before. She only had a small kitchen counter there featured with electric microwave. Hence, every time her friends came to her house, she could not make a meal for them except the ready served food. So, she wanted to build a small kitchen.
Preparation of Building

My friend has asked her mother about building a small kitchen in her kitchen. Her mother likes her idea on this building because she has suggested my friend to build a small kitchen for long time ago since my friend moved in the apartment. She, then, recommended my friend to buy the furniture first and then she could arrange the layout. Actually, my friend’s mother told her that she should measure the space size. Hence, she could estimate the furniture size including the decorations later.
Placing the Furniture and the Decorations

My friend has bought everything for her kitchen. She followed her mother’s suggestion. She bought the cabinets, counters, islands, and other kitchen furniture. She started to place the black Italian kitchen set. It means that she placed the kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, and kitchen islands in the similar tone color. She wanted to get the simple kitchen theme for her apartment. For this kitchen set, she chose the black Italian kitchen set as her first choice. Then, she completed the kitchen with grey floor.

Moreover, my friend wanted to feature the kitchen with the decorations. She placed white standing lamps in the corner of the kitchen. She placed the steel kitchen chimney. To give color accent, my friend installed the yellow plaid backsplash between the cabinets. She, then, painted the ceiling as well. She got the grey ceiling. Furthermore, she wanted to place the dining table near the kitchen. She wanted to place white round dining table. She also placed the black steel chairs. When I have seen its design and the result, I saw the fabulous kitchen in the small apartment.