Studio Apartment for a New College Student

My niece moved to a studio apartment near her college school. Her mother means my sister chose the place for her. That time, her mother wanted me to check her condition after a month she moved there. Her mother asked me to go because I live in the similar town with my niece. My sister gave me the address. Then, I called my niece when she has free time during her tight schedule of the study. I had the reply that she stays at home in Sunday. Hence, I visited her in Sunday.
Finding the Apartment

I have not ever seen my niece since she moved in the town. I missed her badly. I could not wait to see her in her apartment. I arrived in my niece’s apartment. I could see that the apartment is quite small. Yet, she only lives alone there. The space will be more effective for her to study. My niece showed me all spaces she has. I saw the apartment like a boarding house. I asked her who did arrange the layout. Then, she told me that she did it herself. Her mother just gave her money to set her own furniture and decorations.
Talking about the Layout and Furniture

My niece told me on how she maintained the layout of the apartment. She wanted to create the effective and practical room. Hence, she could utilize the space maximally. Soon after I entered the apartment, I saw the bathroom on my right. Then, I went forward to see the living room and the bedroom at once. My niece put a large screen television hanging on the wall. She placed the marble long table under the television. In front of it, she placed the brown mattress as the sofa. Behind it, she placed her white mattress for sleeping.

Furthermore, my niece placed the white corner desk with black chair. She combined the brown wooden kitchen cabinets with the white wall shelves to place her books there. Moreover, she only placed the small microwave and refrigerator because she does not plan to cook there. Yet, she installed the white kitchen counter there. However, I could say give my report to my sister that her daughter is fine with her new life.