Swimming Pool Designs for Two Shape Combination Pool

My cousin asked his father to build a swimming pool in the backyard, and then his father agreed with the idea, so that his father started to find the swimming pool designs. The father wanted to get the modern design. He thought further for long period usage. Moreover, he wanted to create the family area. He also wanted to get the swimming pool area to entertain their guests. Then, the area would have cozy and homey atmosphere. My cousin also agreed with his father’s idea.
Choosing the Shape

My cousin told me that his father still looked for the shape of the swimming pool. Then, he told me that his father found two general shapes for swimming pool. His father means my uncle found the rectangular swimming pool and circle swimming pool. He could not decide which shape was. My cousin gave a recommendation for his father. He said to his father that they should combine the two shapes. Later on, my cousin told him to build the big rectangular swimming pool with small circle swimming pool. Then, this small swimming pool is used as Jacuzzi.
Choosing the Design

After deciding the swimming pool shape, my uncle began to think about the design. Since he wanted the modern touch, he should have more information about it. He wanted to install the stone deck rounded the big swimming pool. Then, he wanted to build the small swimming pool waterfall. He arranged the rocks for the water stream. He also wanted to build a small garden aside the swimming pool. He wanted to make a green corner for his backyard. He likes to combine the water and plants.

My uncle also thought about the decorations. He wanted to place the mini fountain in a corner of the swimming pool. He also planned to make outdoor living room there. He would place the brown sofa set with table. In the swimming pool bank, my uncle wanted to place rattan pool benches. Then, he wanted to install the spotlights on the roof. This spotlight was directed to the swimming pool. Hence, the swimming pool can shine when it is night.