Tiny Bathroom Ideas for My Niece’s Apartment

My niece wanted to get the tiny bathroom ideas for her small apartment. She wanted to get the design soon because she planned to move in her apartment soon. She is a college student. Moreover, her college would start soon for the new semester. That time, she is a freshman in the university. Thus, she would live there as long as her college periods. Therefore, she was very strict to find the right design for her small bathroom. Then, she called me to ask about the bathroom design.
Let My Niece Chose

My niece still looked for the inspiration for her bathroom. I told her to find her favorite theme. Her favorite theme would be her best choice because she would not feel bored to the bathroom design. She thought to get the similar theme to the apartment design. She told me that her apartment design used the minimalist colorful theme. She added the explanation that she used that theme because she wanted to have modern apartment. As we know that most modern apartments use the minimalist design. Hence, my niece chose this design.
The Choice of Idea

If it is so, I told to my niece that she should choose also minimalist colorful theme. She should adjust the bathroom to the minimalist design. She thought about it and agreed with my idea. She, then, measured the exact size. Then, she tried to list the furniture, fixtures, and the decorations placed in the bathroom. She called me to get the furniture and the decorations including the bathroom fixtures. More than that, she has found the design that she really wanted to build it in the bathroom.

For the bathroom, my niece decided to get the minimalist bathroom as well. She placed the large square mirror. She placed the grey marble bathroom vanity table. To make the bathroom more colorful, she installed green plaid tiles around the bathroom wall. She placed the glass shower bath for showering instead of using the bathroom curtain. My niece wanted to place white bath up, but she could not placed it because she does not have any space left. Anyway, she could move in her apartment soon.