Vintage Interior Decoration Idea with French Touch

If you try to obtain the vintage look of the room, then it is the perfect choice if you choose the French touch as the interior decoration Idea. The French touch always succeeds to make the vintage look of the room sweeter. The sweet touch of the stuff’s details is really make the room like in a classic atmosphere. The colors of the room usually take the natural shade of colors, but it is not banned you to use the other cheerful colors like lime green, pink, blue and the other cheery colors. The accent of French you will get from the stuffs and the motives of the fabric stuffs.

The French look stuffs can be represent from the details of the stuffs like the couches, armchairs, the chandeliers, curtain, table cloth, the rugs and the tables that exist there perfectly. That of course has the French accent and details. For the fabric stuffs, you can try to obtain the one that will give you the French look lacy fabric or just the French flowery embroidery in the edge of the curtains, table cloths, or for the cushion’s covers. For the wooden, just try to take the one that has the flowery French motives in it.
Colorful Decoration Idea with French Details

For the colorful decorations idea, you can use the soft colors like the natural colors, and all soft colors. Then you can try to apply it in the room perfectly. The room that already set in French details will really match to the soft touch of colors. You can try to set the wall in soft orange and the floor in a pale wooden color. Then you can start to think about the colors of the other stuffs. You can set it like a rainbow, because of your wall is already in soft orange, you can set your couches in a soft yellow, soft green, and scarlet. Then set the rug in a soft blue. Then, you are already having the colorful French detail decoration idea.
Classic Decorations Idea with French Details

Then if you are already set the stuffs in French details, you can try to give the colors of the stuffs classically. The classic color is like the natural colors like ivory, cream, wooden colors, and soft amber. Then you can just set the wall of the room in ivory and the floor in the wooden color. Then for the couches you can set it in a cream and the rug in soft amber. Then you can set a vase of white flowers like roses, lily or the other white flowers that will trim the room perfectly.
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