Walk in Closet Designs for Classic Design

My cousin planned to renovate her wardrobe becoming walk in closet, so that she looked for the walk in closet designs. There are various designs that could be applied to her new closet. This time her husband did not involve in this new closet. My cousin wanted to build this closet just for her. She remembered that she has a lot of stuff. Hence, her old wardrobe did not keep those things again. This was the reason why he wanted to choose the bigger closet space for her.
Things to Do

My cousin told me her experience about building the closet. She listed the needs of her closet. She has gained more information about a walk in closet. She wanted to feature the closet with shelves, cabinets, and the other decorations. She wanted to something like bohemian, Victorian, and classic. She likes the European design to be applied in her house. Another reason why she chose those kinds of design was because her house theme applied the classic design. Then, she thought to get the similar design to the house.
The Closet Design

After the closet finished building, my cousin invited me to see her new walk in closet. She wanted to show the result of her creation. Of course, I planned to get there soon. The day for visit came, I arrived in her house. She invited me to go inside. After having chit chat for a while, she asked me to come with her to her bedroom. The new closet was built in the master bedroom. I saw that she placed the black ornamented cupboard. She chose the close one because she thought the cleanliness. Then, she put the shoes rack beside the cupboard.

More than that, she also built the other shelves to place her bag collection. She, then, made the white cabinets with many drawers. This cabinet also had frosted glass door upper cabinets. To make her convenience while dressing up, she set a large mirror. Then, she also put white sofa for seating. She also put the brown wooden table in the middle of the closet. Above it, she placed classic chandelier as the lamps. Anyway, she showed the wonderful result for walk in closet.