Wellness City Garden with Modern Rustic Design

Last Sunday I went to the wellness City garden, my friend project in Netherlands. The dwelling will really adorable because it is designed in a modern rustic style and really luxurious. Unfortunately I just visit the first floor and to tested the facility that offers from the designer. I tested the puffiness of the couch, the comfort of the chair, the warmness of the fire place, the Jacuzzi, the swimming pool, the seat and the sauna room. Little bit exhausted but I love to tested them.

In a porch the outdoor nooks set in a dining room concept and in a living room concept complete with its small outdoor fireplace and the couch that really suitable to be set there perfectly under the wooden canopy that will shade the spot from the sun shine that too hot in summer. Then in the garden, I find a beautiful wooden fence that trimmed by the plant fence. The wooden and the green of the leave fence blend naturally like the tree and the leaves and I love it.
The Jacuzzi and the Small Swimming Pool

Here is just a report from what I experienced in the dwelling. Then the Jacuzzi was set modernly complete with its water conditioners that can be switched to the warm one or in the wavy one or just in the normal water conditions. My first activity is tested the Jacuzzi. What a wonderful world right? After form the Jacuzzi I moved to the small swimming pool that located not far from the Jacuzzi. I think the swimming pool is too small even for one person.
The lounge and the Sauna Room

Yes, the dwelling has really magnificent lounge inside the house. Like the owner will be will have a party every night because the designer provide the bar stools complete with the racks and the bottles. The stony wall and the wooden furniture make the ambiance there in a modern rustic look that really warm if it were a winter. After that, the most adorable spot is the sauna room. I love to have a chat with my friend there in an hours while we burn our fat in the sauna room perfectly.