White Springs Granite Appeared in Kitchen Furniture

My sister’s mother in law is a stone collector, and then she is really interested to apply various stone in her house, but her favorite stone is the white springs granite. My sister told me about her matter to her mother in law. Her mother in law wanted to build a kitchen with that kind of granite. Her mother in law asked my sister to help her with the design. Of course, my sister could not reject the request. She, then, called her best friend to help her more.
Planning the Kitchen

My sister got to understand the kitchen furniture, appliances, and the decorations. This was the reason why she called her best friend. She wanted to get the recommendation from her best friend. My sister told me that her best friend suggested her to list the furniture and the others. Then, my sister asked her mother in law what she need for a kitchen. Then, her mother in law said that she wants to place the cabinets, counters, kitchen islands, cupboard, trolley, and the other decorations.
The Kitchen Looks Like

My sister, then, has bought all the needs. Her mother in law and her worked together placing the furniture and the other things. Her mother in law placed the white granite kitchen cabinets for the lower level. Then, she placed the brown wooden upper cabinets. She installed brown plaid backsplash between the cabinets. Moreover, she placed the kitchen islands in the middle of the kitchen. Then, she added the kitchen counters aside the cabinets. The kitchen looks spacious like my sister told me. Her mother in law, then, added the white cabinets with glass doors there.

Moreover, her mother in law installed the lamps around the kitchen. She placed the hidden lamps to make the kitchen lighter. In addition, she also placed the green corner. The corner was for the several vases with cactuses and flowers. She wanted to make the greener atmosphere between the rocks. Furthermore, she also chose the stainless steel faucets to beautify the kitchen. After hearing my sister’s story, I thought that it must be a beautiful kitchen.